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This is what happened when I screamed at Bank Of America on twitter over my overdraft fees. I admitted to making the mistake but told them I'm not paying 8 $35 fees on $1.35 slurpee purchases and things similar.
Funny thing is..I was credited in less than 24 hours for all my fees and never even gave them my account or anything really.
Complaining out loud works...sometimes.

So the moral of the story is if you're loud enough and have a big enough following on your complaints, they'll actually do something about it!

Wonder what happens to everyone else...

Glad to hear the drama is over for you, though.

Awesome! I work for AT&T, so I know how hard it is sometimes to get stuff done. Let's just say there are a lot of rules. BTW, the Office of the President is the Great High Muckety Muck of AT&T, and they can pretty much fix anything that goes wrong that a regular AT&T agent can't do. (And yes, most of the time it is "can't" not "won't") I'm so glad you got this resolved. I see too many not-so-happy endings.

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