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Hey Jeff, if you can find a carrier that will take you i-phone unlocked, I can help. My brother Nick is quit proficient at it. I have not seen him unlock the 3gs, but I have watched him unlock others.

Might I make a recommendation?

Call billing and ask for a manager and explain your situation to them.

If they refuse, call executive support. Their number is available on the search "AT&T Executive Support"

Finally, submit your story to the

The is run by people behind Consumer Reports. They are interested in protecting individuals from corporations that would otherwise take advantage of the consumer.

Two things,

When talking to the manager or customer support ask them for a digital copy of the phone conversation when you previously called to verify ukraine was "ok", they do keep them/have them.

And you can always try:

Write a song about it and post it on youtube. it's working :)

I'm excited to hear how this story resolved. Great news.

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