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Ya, it's OVERKILL. I don't even think they're recording the messages yet. They really should and vodcast it. Personally, I think Greg has been really bored. Better to keep him focused on video it keeps him off of MY interwebs.

I gave them the gear to start vodcasting. Ironically, it was sitting in my office not being used. Hopefully they'll be up in a couple weeks.

I think you made a really interesting point Jeff. Rather than doing a poor job at HD, they used available resources to do a bang up job in standard definition. Because of the size of the screens, the quality of the scaler they use now, and the distance from the students to the screens, even the standard def video looks top notch. The biggest challenge they seem to face is the angles and the lighting of the shots. HD is cool, but it's not necessary for all churches/venues, and in some situations, it may even be poor stewardship to invest in HD when SD is more than adequate.

As a side note, I do think some of the middle school media ministry is a product of Crisler's boredom, but the size of the production does open up opportunities for middle schoolers to serve in places other than Way Station and Anchor Harbor. This has really drawn in a bunch of students that weren't serving at all before.

And Jorriss, the interwebs belong to Al Gore.

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