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All good points, but I use Entourage and I have Gmail IMAP syncing going. Pretty cool. I still use the web interface for reporting spam. But I like dragging emails to folders rather than applying labels (same thing with IMAP syncing). Dragging to a folder in Entourage also archives the email as well as labels. Very efficient.

Since I use Entourage as a newsreader for the Logos Macintosh bible software list, I stay in one interface. But I am not your average user.....

Big hug,

Thanks Ray.

Entourage is one thing. Yes, it's a Microsoft app, therefore it sux.. but it is written for the Macintosh platform - which takes the horrible Microsoft app and makes it tolerable. However, maybe 15% of CF Staff userbase is on a Macintosh platform. So Entourage isn't an option.

The other 85% are on a mix of Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Not horrible (no MEs to my knowledge). However, we were using Outlook 2000 as our management software. YEP 2000. Written in 1999. No one upgraded anything since 1999.

Ever heard of a direct message? It's a message you send to someone, just not over the Internet. Evidently we were doing that alot. Hard to have a five multi-site campus with three separate operating offices... and send a message not over the Internet. But what do I know? I'm just a Mac guy.

Anyway, at the size we are and at the general technical knowledge we as a staff have, I'm hoping the web interface won't be as difficult... through most of the training so far they seem to be getting it.

Wait, you use Entourage? Has MR. PC HIMSELF gone Mac at home?

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