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Bro, the PETA people do not take these jokes lightly. You thought getting pulled over by the police at midnight "by mistake" was an unpleasant experience? Wait until PETA rolls up along with the global warming wackos. You will be in for it bud! I am Eddy Perez and I approved this message.

I still refuse to learn how to play that game.

What the ha'ides? You must be commisserating with Dr. Blackwood. This is all Greek to me...or perhaps you are speaking in tongues. Maybe you could translate the post into plain English for those of us who have one foot in the grave. (You know, older than 26...)

Never mind. Let the next generation figure it out. And they can make a viral video about it and put it on YouTube where people will view it ad nauseum. (Sigh.)

Unfortunatly i get each of your references.

Oh my goodness!! That picture is horrible! I can't believe that you would put that picture on your blog!

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