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Come know you want to be Locke.

Or Kevin from the office. He's also a superhero in my mind.

Oooooo. This is a good one. I think you need to forget about the "classic" heroes like Supes & Bats. They're completely overexposed. Of course that leave some of the crappier characters such as Longshot or Northstar (see Wikipedia). There's always Jean Grey...ok forget Jean Grey. If you're going with the bald theme you could go with Professor X or even Silver Surfer both of which have seen pub over the past few years. I'm officially going to say that you should go as either Victor from V for Vendetta (bearded) or John McClain from Die Hard (bald). Both can be considered superheroes and both are way cool.

I see you as "Mac Man".

I'm not sure what superpowers you'd possess, but you would have a really cool utility belt with all your Apple gadgets.

Maybe Amy could be a PC.

My first thought was the Incredible Hulk.

My 2nd thought was Dr. Xavier from X-men.

My 3rd thought is Mr. Incredible from the Incredibles.


Ok...just kidding.

Oh my goodness! No, you can be Larry Boy!!
Alright now you can tell that I've worked in a christian bookstore for too long if those are the first "superheros" that I can come up with.

Wow. I'm a big fan of Anthony's idea...I see the black shirt with the glowing apple on it now.

Have had a lot of good comments come in via email. Wanted to post some of them. First is from David Parks...


What about going as “Media Man,” you know - able to set up multiple worship sites in a single weekend, capable of projection with PC or Mac, wireless or wired. Think of the cool utility belt you could come up with. You could wear a white shirt and pocket protector, even thick “coke bottle” glasses. Or, what about going as the villain – “Murphy Tech” able to make anything that can go wrong with the technology, go wrong. I know these are lousy ideas but thought I would pass them on anyway. Let me know what you decide on this, I can’t wait to see the pics.

Another email comment, from Kelly Moore (CF Children's Director) and her son, Gregory (Greg):

Here are initial thoughts from Gregory and Myself

Colossus - X men - Gregory
The Thing - the rock guy from fantastic 4 - Gregory
Plastic Man! - This is my own invention - Me
Recycle Man - again my own idea... (He always keeps returning in a
different form) tin cans, plastic, tires, etc.
Thor - Norse mythology - Gregory
Skull Master - Migh (the villain from capt. planet) - Gregory
Johnny Appleseed (mac) - Gregory (sorry Jeff he insisted I add this
Swamp Thing
Killer Tomato- from attach of killer tomatoes
Michael Flatley - Riverdance (me)
Highlander - Gregory)
Mad Max - (Gregory)
Barfolemew Barf - John Candy's character in Space Balls (me) I think
you would look amazing in a giant dog suit!
Boy George - Gregory
Worf - Star Trek

and that brings us to the....


Now tell me we don't have a winner here!

Even if we don't win, we've had a great time making fun of you!

Kelly and Gregory

finally, Wesley Caproon...
I think you'd fit as this character...

Oh, I forgot about one of my favorites... from Charlie Bearham...

"What about Duct Tape Man?"

Reference my duct tape philosophy here...

Mr. Incredible


Professor X from X-Men

Jeff - let's be honest, you're totally Apple Man, or better yet, iJeff. Anthony's idea is golden. How could you be more culturally relevent than Apple? Plus you could be irrestiable to both genders if you were sporting the glowing apple on your chest.

I'm looking forward to seeing a tech saavy Apple Utility Belt...

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