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Glad you enjoyed yourselves at the place I used to call my backyard. Here's my stream of consciousness:

- Disney does offer backstage tours at the Kingdom. If you’re really interested in the magic you probably want to do this. They show you backstage as well as the first floor (i.e. tunnels). Of course they don’t show the character zoo. It’s a shame really.
- The internationals are probably flocking to Disney due to the poor performance of the dollar. Although Disney does employ a great deal of internationals to work in the parks most of the cast doesn’t like dealing with them. Most are stubborn and obnoxious. It’s a shame that cast member put the beat down but I totally understand why. (But it doesn’t make it right.)
- You may want to check out
- Pins are evil and a sign of the apocalypse.
- I hope you got to the Osborne Spectacle of Lights. We love it.
- Language translation is one of the most difficult things software will ever have to tackle. Google is trying to translate text but voice fuggetaboutit.
- The Disney Marathon/Half-Marathon goes backstage too. Oh yeah, and it’s teh awesome.
- I can’t help with the kid part but you can borrow mine anytime you want. :) We’ll be prayin for ya.

Stupid Cast Members...many are there for the Disney name on a resume, don't forget that!

#3 - Fantasmic is the name of the show. That whole show is run through Media Matrix systems and multiple Time Code units. The "techs" babysit their equipment, the only manual part is arming and disarming pyrotechnics. Our job is so much harder in the Church business :)

Oh yeah, I could give you a wonderful "technical" tour of WDW. A lot of the stuff that seems to be incredibly impressive is so simple, it's pathetic. One day...One day.

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