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I remember, you did totally love that car!! That's really neat that you found another one :) If your primary "her" is cool with it, go for it!! The gas mileage alone is a biggie for all the driving you do! Keep us posted!

Love that pic! Love those "moment-in-time" shots. Is that a neighbor's tetherball pole in the street behind you? Awesome!

not tetherball, basketball... I got schooled many a time on that basketball hoop...

Who is that guy standing next to your car?

Autotrader (filtered to my zipcode) has 2 of them. One with 150,000 miles, the other with 177,000. I say go for it. I wouldnt count on it for workaholic activities though.

This guy is me, PRE-Amy. Wait, I'm not sure about that. I may have just started dating Amy back then. Details are sketchy. Amy insists she didn't date me for the car. I'm not convinced, but I do know she saw my car BEFORE she ever saw me...

Also, I'm totally okay with someone throwing out a hair joke...


I was going to go in a totally different direction than the hair joke. I used to own a '86 Trans Am. If I had one fall in my lap, I would not turn it down. BY FAR, the best car I ever owned. If you gave me one in a box, I could put it together in a weekend. Pursue your car, your not old enough to have a mid-life crisis. Plus, people do not ask as much of you if you do not have a truck.

Jeff I think he is asking you to go pick up an 86 Trans Am that is somewhere in a box. What hair joke? Gotta have ....never mind

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