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You should start cheering for the UCF Knights...atleast they can get some points up on the scoreboard. Plus they're about to be #1 in their conference on saturday.

You said the "B" word again. You must have a divine revelation that Barry Bonds is indeed guilty—considering that the only trial he's got is in the court of public opinion. The media only says what is true—right? Umm...How 'bout some grace? Would much rather hear you rant on the Megan Meier story. Now, thats one to get foamed up about. Maybe Lori Drew was on steroids...

Grace is applied where repentance is shown. I am actually a huge fan of Giambi. As I often say, it's okay to make mistakes... what matters is how you come out of it. Barry has been less than "grace"ful, and we can leave it at that.

Nice sarcasm, David. Truly. You've been blogging about your kids' football team for so long I was worried you lost that rokr edge of yours. Glad domesticality hasn't tamed the beast.

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