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Your age restriction prohibits me from answering. So the contents of my purse shall remain a mystery to the world at large. (I will say this: I would have done all right on "Let's Make a Deal." Oh, you probably don't know what that is, do you?)

Under 30, and $17 in my wallet. I haven't had more than $20 in my wallet for a couple months.

The only time there's more money in my wallet is if I'm on a trip.

And you should be ashamed of stashing to if money grows on trees.

Clearly, you get money when you rent out property, get lucky on chance or the community chest, or pass go!

What about Free Parking? RC... no Free Parking?

Sometimes I don't even carry a wallet. I live off my mini-debit card on my key chain. It's one of Bank of America's greatest inventions. That, and "Keep The Change."

I've finally convinced myself that i'm broke, therefore, hardly any money is ever being carried in my wallet.

Sometimes the term "LOL" is used too losely. But I really did LOL.

Sounds like there are probably some former Monopoly opponents that want another shot at you on a FAIR playing field.

I suck at that game. We should play sometime. It would be good for your confidence.

Well I have a guy how has a little "machine" that can read the ATM cards and can add a couple of zeros...Oh maybe I should call you about this. Sorry

Under 30 here and I have $7 cash in my wallet. Honestly, if a business doesn't take a credit/debit card, I am not very likely to go there, or it a very caculated visit.

Props for your Monopoly skills...I too like to cheat during that game in a similiar way. Boo for electronic version!

TTM, you may not realize this, but I'm a Radio-TV-Film student. We studied "Let's Make a Deal" in the "History of Broadcasting" class... fascinating stuff. Wow, so you were like, there to see it in real life. Fascinating.

Caitlin, give me a break.

I'll join you in this boycott.

For I too was a cheat at monopoly, and this totally goes against all of my cheating standards and cramps my style.


Under 30, and I usually carry a decent about of cash in my wallet $30-$40. But definetly use my debit card for most things.

And Caitlin dont even say you poor, missy!

what the heck is cash?

I still can't believe you guys were cheating in monopoly. i liked playing monopoly on my 8-bit nintendo, against computer characters like Gertrude, Oscar, and Penelope.

I want to play monopoly against you jeff now, but i'm watching you like a hawk.

RC, I won't lie. That's always a good idea when you're dealing with me...

I can't beleive that some many people would care about monopoly, go figure

Well, I'm a little over 30 (OK, I'm 41, but who's counting!), and I have $3 in my wallet. Last Friday my wife and I took another couple out for dinner to celebrate their wedding and as luck would have it, the place we went only took cash. Between the two of us, my wife and I had $30, so my friends, the recipients of this gift of dinner ended up paying anyway! Cash sucks...

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