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Regardless of whether or not Dave is wise enough to reject any belief in mysticism and sky-pixies (see, God), he has every right to sing about his grappling with these issues.

Dave and John Mayer at Virginia Tech...I saw no pot, kinda weird for one of his concerts. It was, however, the best technical show I have ever seen produced live.

I have loved DMB since I was a senior in high school - can't even remember how many shows I have seen over the year (hmmm... was pot @ some of those concerts?)

I have also listened to all of the music throughout my twenties, which has had lead me to deep reflection, understanding, and always to God for prayer, praise and guidance. I think that DMB deals with so many human conditions, mental dramas, and soul captivating spiritual dilemmas without being labeled which seems to scare away those who are lost. But, please don't take it from a girl who thinks that most music comes from God's gifts to us mere humans to express our thoughts, feelings and emotions - good or bad. Please pray for the acceptance of those we choose to judge. If even you are to lead anyone to Christ, you must understand them and the demons that can haunt them.

May all of us who are Christians embrace any person, especially those sharing with the world, their grappling or even talking about spiritual issues - that is real HOPE!!!

God is here for us all no matter past or pains maybe, He is the one who brings us through it all, no matter what. I think DMB songs and lyrics are thought provoking and have always been soulful and spiritual, and if at times definitely - I think more towards the institutional laws (as we should all be challenging as Jesus did) than at God. The messages are reflective of personal, global and generations past sins and healing and most all love. The songs you mentioned are more about being right with God (You Never Know) and reflecting on past generations sins (Raven)not abandoned.

Thanks for reading... and my God always bless us all with His divine understanding and guidance.

I don't think he grapples too hard about it. To me, its more like he sees the worldly things going on, and when he really does start to grapple, something might happen and he says, oh "hello God." Its like he got stuck avoiding the truth and God did something to wake him up. He realizes, easily after that, that it is the devil, and he'll drop him back to his knees.

Why you did not post those lyrics?
Be fair, they are a part of the song.
The problem is someone will try to convince you
That they know the answer no matter the question
Be wary of those who believe in a neat little world
Cause it’s just fucking crazy you know that it is

"Are we as Christians comfortable with artists like Dave Matthews grappling with spiritual issues in such a public way?"

Comfortable? What progress was ever made by staying comfortable? Is that what you really want? I would think that Dave Matthews' very gifted expressions of doubt and confusion would be welcomed for the thought-provoking reactions they inspire...

I've definitely noticed the God allusions in many of Dave's songs. Especially "Bartender". It seems he sees what God offers

("Bartender, please fill my glass for me
With the wine you gave Jesus
That set him free after three days")

but is consumed by the guilt from his own sin and cant seem to reconcile the free gift of God
("Bartender, you see
The wine thats drinking me
Came from the vine that strung judas from the devils tree
Its roots deep, deep in the ground")

Dave really seems to grapple with this idea in the new song "Time Bomb" from the "Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King" album...Anyway, I agree with the last post that if we are seeking comfort in this world as Christians, our outlook may be bleak; seek comfort in God.

i know Dave is trying to put his faith in God but he's too afraid. i really liked all your responses. i wish i could talk to him for an hour. i know God is trying to talk to him, but like most of us who have strayed from the lords path, he's reluctant to let God guide him.

Sorry to all of you who are Christians, if you are paying attention to Dave songs at all he is definitely Agnostic. He doesn't know but I think the song "What you are" put's his feeling right out in front and tells you exactly how he feels:

"Hoping on 'god' high, is like grasping for straws while drowning, oh realize, realize what you are!"

This couldn't be any more clear!!!!

I just watch DMB and I'm a fan of his "older" music. There is no question of course about his technical talent as well as his vocal abilites.

There is no question about his mastery of song and his playfulness with the written word.

But there is deep question about his objectives.

My Lord Jesus Christ, My Savior, I love you. No one, especially in public square, should call you and refer to you as "walkin' man" as if you're just some fool moving through life. Have mercy on us all if we should belittle you My Lord, My Savior, My God.

Also, Jesus Christ has already redeemed us. That doesn't mean or imply that we should just rest on our Laurels and not serve as good Christians.

Dave, you don't need a bartender. You just need to receive Our Lord's Body and Blood in Eucharist. But please go to confession first.

I can't wait till Dave Find's his way back home. He's like the 100th sheep that the shepherd had to leave his 99 just to go out and find Dave, #100.

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