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Hey this is what showed up after viewing the youtube clip:

Lots of thoughts:

These people are exhibiting learned helplessness.

These people have abdicated their power to a big machine.

These people are used to relying on the strength of something else to get them where they want or need to go.

These people have lost their ability to think creatively.

These people have lost their ability to think at all.

These people are idiots.

Metaphorically, most of us have been these people.

Atheists might say that these are Christians who expect some "god" to get them to their destination instead of using their brains and capabilities to reach goals.

Emergent Christians might say that these are traditional Christians who let dogma and church leaders do their legwork for them.

Christians who believe in predestination might analyze why God allowed the escalators to stop at that precise moment.

Business types might wonder if this is an isolated event or if the escalator stoppage is becoming a frequent problem. They might strategize a plan to prevent the inefficiency of dysfunctional escalators and compile a list of in-network associates who might resolve the issue.

Healthnuts might view these people as Americans who want to get to a destination (health) without doing the work (exercise).

Teenagers might say "Adults are idiots. In the amount of time it took them to yell for help, I'd have already repaired the escalator."

All depends on your point of view, doesn't it? Thanks for jumpstarting my day with a good laugh and a quick brainstorm.

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