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In a generation that people believe so much on the gifts rather than the giver of the gitfs who is God. We need more of His intervention in our lives so that when the children grow up to see and hear of these things thay will not call us the accursed of the Lord. As for Paula and her husband, i believe God can still bring them back as one. Lets keep praying for our generation not to fail God.

like a contributor said, divorce is never an option,especially for preachers! Preachers are role models, if they can't fix things, it is going to be a herculian task for unbelievers to even want to attempt to get things fixed. please fellow believers, let's keep praying for them, this divorce should not be, not now, or ever

Christians should wake up from their slumber, this is because satan is seriously working overtime! satan no longer sleeps, he wants to bring the church down! now I know that he knows nothing but to steal, kill and DESTROY! He only wants to be the one offering our future generations role models,
enough is enough! Christians, wake up!

I was researching what I thought were great woman of God, but I guess not. When I found out that Paula and Randy White had divorced, it was a shock. I still can't believe she is on TV preaching to anyone. The Bible is finite on divorce - don't! The White's justified, qualified and explained their actions to their following making sin OK. Wow! Shameful. Should they still be pastoring publicly, no. Sometimes when Christian people abuse their authority, there is a price to pay for such disobedience. These 2 people figured that working hard on their marriage was just not a godly commandment the wanted to obey, I guess. What else do they water down in their lifes and explain away as OK. Sorry Paula, there is no amount of preaching and praying for people that will make this action right and you know it. What everyone is forgetting here is that these 2 people where set aside a long time ago by God, their total disobedience of His Word should not simply be explained away as an inconvenience. It that were the case, we could all explain away our marriages. As it stands now, these 2 supposed people of God have now by their actions Ok'd divorce. The last public explanation I remember making a big impact on America was President Clinton and his definition of oral sex. After that public explanation, oral sex went up among teenagers in America. After all the President said it was not "really" sex. What I can't believe is how people still support Puala White who's obvious addiction for public attention is over the top. Everyone in that church should question the reason why they are there and the leaders all should question why they are still supporting. I just got to know there are Godly churches in the area that also do God's work.

Interesting article and thank you. It will be interesting to see if anything short of a manifestation of Jesus Christ on earth can sort out the confusion that is the organized Christian church and its various denominations. Interesting that Buddha said, "under heaven and earth I alone am holy" a thousand years before Christ said "I am the way the truth and the light". Most people still don't see that neither was pointing to themselves, their ego or their human frame but both were saying the same thing. Buddhism seems to work more closely with reality as well and I have no doubt that Jesus would have more in common with the Dali Lama then any Christian pastor.

Perhaps where people are first led astray is our inclination to assign any authority outside our own conscience. I think it will become abundantly clear more and more by self evident behavior what is right and good conduct by anyone regardless of religion. The deception of self serving and greed is almost hard wired into us and at first glance they sound so wonderful but then one only needs to scratch the surface of these charlatans to see their real message: Send me money and God will answer your prayers.

While the behemoth and ornate opposition of the Church at Rome have long ago solidified into entrenched and resistant dogma, the mega churches of the Protestant movement are due for a new Reformation. They are becoming indiscernible from the most abusive and predatory aspects of the culture at large. I would hope that if you are interested in a fair and balanced approach to the subject that you will post this. Thanks and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

P.S.-White on black is probably the most straining font color combinations on the eyes. there's a reason that you won't find any reputable organization use it. Just my two cents.

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