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I love your post here...

One, because i like to see what searches bring people to my blog...although my searches are not nearly as interesting...examples from today:

- iranian president looks like steve carell
- chapter 27 jared leto oscar buzz
- ellen ripstein nude strange

Second, I completly understand your sentiment in regard to these issues and trusting God through life's journeys. I think sometimes if God told me exactly where he was going to take me, I certainly wouldn't be prepared or need to trust him.

(note: Ellen Ripstein is bizarre crossword puzzle champion and does not appear nude on my blog)

I just lost my job, but I am not concerned about making it because I know God will provide. I just need to know where God wants me, and I too typed in to the internet "where do you want me to go to work?" and your answer is just what I feel in my heart but I really do not want hear this right now. We need money to get by and a job for the security . You see I have a two year old son who is counting on me, and a great wife who is looking to me for guidance and security also. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME Thank you and may GOD richly bless you and this ministry. Randall

Today I searched "God, where do you want me to go" and ended up here. I figured if God created everything, surely he can reach me this way in some kind of mystical electric supernatural way and nobody would have to know. And who would believe me if my moniter suddenly lit up the room before it exploded in glory. Im where you were five years ago and want to know now. After reading, however, I was reminded that it is not on my clock that God decides when to answer. I cant imagine what a mess i'd be in if he answered my prayers the way I wanted Him too. Out of love He makes me patient, waiting for the most oppertune time to answer. Let us remember. it is for His Glory and being His, we must be patient. He knows when what we want to to for Him is the right time. In the mean time , study His word and gird yourself with the armor of God to fight in hte day when he calls you.

This is very true and it feels like that at times that you want God to respond but he seems far

I also typed "where does God want me to go" in frustration a few minutes ago because I got tired of typing "what does the bible say about guidence/direction" I've been floundering and settling for so long I don't know what to do now. I also lost my job last week, which was great because I had been praying "Lord if you have a great plan for me get me out of here" and He did although I wrongly assumed that I was going to get another job. I don't know what I have enough faith for? And I am a single Mom with a 10 & 21 year old in the house and though I've been through worse scraps before they cost me everytime. I thought it was all supposed to work out for good. I hope my story turns out like yours.

Thank you. I also typed in, "God where do you want me to go...please help me." I feel so very lost and I pray and pray. But like you said it feels as if my prayers art just bouncing off of empty walls. I wish I could just feel a presence or have a deep notion about what I should do about all the problems I have. Do I just leave them to him to handle? I feel as if he has done enough and I should take care of my own problems. Is that wrong? The only thing is that I can not fix my problems by myself. So what do I do? I feel so very alone and he is the only one that I have ever been able to release all of my issues onto. I just wish I knew what to do from here. I try and try and I don't ever seem to get anywhere. Always in the same situation, dealing with the same problems. I am been the law abiding citizen, always do good, always keep things fun and happy. I am always there for others and yet I always seem to have problems in life. I can not seem to get a break and yet around me there always seems to be someone that gets everything they want with out effort. I work so very hard and try to be a geniunely nice person to everyone and I get depressed when I see someone get something the wrong way. I just feel lost and like I am all alone. Did I do something so very bad that the lord would wish me to be in this position? How do I fix it? Am I not trying hard enough? What does he want me to do....I give to others when I don't have enough for myself and yet I am punished? Is this just how it has to be? I know I am not to question anything that happens to me, but I am just confused and I don't know what he wants me to do. I so wish he could just tell me in a dream or just type me back. He is the lord...he can do anything and everything. Why not help me? Or is he and I am just blind to it.

I just typed "God i wish i could type to you on the internet" and this is where i ended up. I have been struggling with My PhD studies in Math and been wondering if this is still where God wants me to be. I prayed and asked God for guidance a few years back and i truly felt in my heart that this was the direction He wanted me to take. I see no connection between God and math though, and am so ready to give up, but i still feel like holding on. I got married and now have a 7month old baby. My mind is not in books at all, and yet this is what i depend on to bring in the money. I have been thinking alot about the famine-stricken children in Africa since i had my baby. I am so confused about this. I know that God is not a God of confusion.
I am asking for a sign, anything, concerning my PhD studies. Should i give up, or what do i do. Please help, pray for me to find God's will concerning this.

I am a disabled Veteran and I typed in "were do you want me to go". Bada Bing here I am. I am looking in the literal since as my life basically ended at 24 years of age. I am now 28 and have no where to go. Unemployability status from the VA keeps me alive and I am so blessed to have it. I don't complain about it I praise Him every night for it in fact. I just have no one in my life to cling to "in a matter of speaking" and I want that. I am currently a guitar player in a worship team in a town of about 200. I love this place but I feel I am needed somewhere, where? I don't know. I have to get checked for my VA status and I am scared to death, I leave my life in His oh so capable hands. Lead me God I'm all yours

My parents both have work and we just bough a house, but our old one still hasn't sold and we are 12,000 in debt. It's come to the point where i don't know if i can go to college anywhere next year, let alone back to my dream school that i've already been at for a year. I am a 17 year old sophomore in college, and don't want my work to be wasted. I have studied and tried so hard to get where I am.
God is breaking me so hard this time, it hurts. I typed in "where do you want me to go" tonight, and came here. Whoever reads this, please pray what I can be humble and willing to be led, no matter how hard it is or how much it hurts. Or, pray for a miracle.

WOW! more later... that's all I can say right now! May God bless you -- Thank you!

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